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Family Empowerment and Coaching

Ever feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or frustrated along your journey of raising littles? Fresh out of bribes and threats? Struggle to maintain a sense of sanity under your roof?

Whether you are a seasoned caregiver or the newest one in your neighborhood, we welcome you to take your family’s journey down The Nurtured Path.

The Nurtured Path Helps Families find connection, cease battles, develop strategies, conflict resolution, empowerment

Hi, I’m Chelsea!

Mama | Friend | Advocate

I have over 10 years of experience with early childhood and family education and development. I’m eager to start working with YOU and
your family!

She never once made me feel judged or ashamed, she encouraged me, taught me, showed me how to become the Mom I wanted to be...
Kathy T.
Our time together helped us understand our son more and the developmental milestones he was going through...
Sierra K
She was light-hearted, fun and presented in such a judgement free way that everyone could connect with!

Unsure what step is next for you?

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