You deserve to find joy in the everyday journey of raising a family!

Let us help discover the strengths beneath your stress and implement strategies that meet the needs of your household. The Nurtured Path will leave you empowered with tools and skills to shift the path from chaos to calm.

After a full developmental profile is completed, learn ways to engage your child in play and create experiences to help them reach their potential specific to their personal development and current ability levels. Discover ways to make the most out of simple daily experiences to increase language, fine and gross motor development and cognitive ability!

Every family is unique. You can find information all over the internet (hello overwhelm!)But, to have support designed  JUST for you and your children? What a dream! Let’s strategize how to tame the toughest parts of your day. Learn the tools to feel empowered to respond to conflict in a helpful way, decrease the daily power struggles, increase connection and cooperation among all those under your roof. There is an easier way!

Grab your group of parent friends and learn together virtually or in your home in a relaxed, judgement free environment in a workshop specifically designed to the needs of your families. Leave with new tools and concrete plans you can implement right away to see increased cooperation in your home! Group Coaching can also include ongoing sessions with multiple family members, co-parenting or friends who want to learn together! We love team work around here. 

The Nurtured Path would  be honored to join your organization or staff with a personalized engagement to fit the needs of your parents, friends, staff, teachers, etc. Presentations are energetic, uplifting and empowering. Those in attendance will leave the room not only full of practical strategies and tools but they will feel  energized and capable to make small shifts that lead to big change.

I felt empowered with so much knowledge and strategies to try, I was almost waiting for my kids to have a tantrum so I could practice
Chelsea really transformed our parenting experience from stress, fighting and overwhelm to easier days and enjoying the journey.
It has changed the way I interact with my kids and in turn, the way they interact with me.

Unsure what step is next for you?

Let’s chat and determine the best fit for your family or your programs needs!