The most loving words from families just like yours that decided to make a change and haven't looked back!

When I started working with Chelsea, I did not have custody of all of my children and was at my lowest point in motherhood. Chelsea not only worked with my child to meet his milestones and improve his playskills, she was invaluable to me as a Mom. She never once made me feel judged or ashamed, she encouraged me, taught me, showed me how to become the Mom I wanted to be. Because of the support, skills and tools that Chelsea taught and modeled for me, I was able to navigate the trying times and rebuild healthy relationships with my children, know how to respond to their outbursts in a helpful way and when they transitioned back under my roof, I was able to create a connected and loving environment that I am so proud of. I felt confident that I was enough for them & I could never thank her enough for that. -Kathy T.

Working with Chelsea was a Godsend for our family. We were completely clueless on how to help our baby/toddler. Chelsea worked with our little boy for almost 2.5 years. She provided tips for us, got on the floor to model and play and worked on helping him regulate his emotions. She was very interactive and very patient with our son. Our time together helped us understand our son more and the developmental milestones he was going through. Chelsea came to help our son but at times, would help with our 3 other kiddos. She gave advice and tips for them and the kids LOVED anytime she came over. Chelsea is fantastic at what she does. She truly cares for the children and the families she works with and it absolutely shows. She became a part of our family. -Sierra K

Chelsea has such a natural ability to make people feel comfortable. She was light-hearted, fun and presented in such a judgement free way that everyone could connect with! The sessions were packed full of usable tools. Our families were so engaged, excited and already asking when the next sessions are so they can bring their people! -Deb

Chelsea makes you feel like you’re the best Mom on the planet when you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing! Working with her created such impressive growth and outcomes for my children, but I also felt so good after every session. I felt empowered with so much knowledge and strategies to try, I was almost waiting for my kids to have a tantrum so I could practice, haha! -Tamara J.

I was totally overwhelmed by my twin toddlers. Chelsea really transformed our parenting experience from stress, fighting and overwhelm to easier days and enjoying the journey. She taught us SO much about child development and how to play with our kids in a meaningful way. She allowed me to be open and honest about my stressors and triggers without shame and helped me replace behaviors I wasn't proud of. I don’t know where we would be without it! -Lindsay S.

I felt like I had an “ah ha” moment every 5 minutes during her workshop. It all made so much sense, but I had never heard the information in this way. It has changed the way I interact with my kids and in turn, the way they interact with me. What a gift! -Lisa P.

I do not want to parent my kids the way that I was parented, but it is all that I know and was constantly feeling guilty for the way I reacted. Chelsea has helped me work through that and learn the tools and strategies to help my kids feel emotionally safe but to also set limits and boundaries in a healthy way.
Thanks to her guidance and my effort, the cycle stops with me! -Tiffany